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Welcome to this corner that show many downloadable E-Books that explain the fundamentals of Islam. All books are zipped and it extracted with WinZip or WinRAR. The Book can be read by using Microsoft Word for the (doc) files or Foxit Reader (or Adobe Acrobat) for (PDF) files









  # Audio Title Lecturer Size (MB) Download
1 The Purpose of Life (2 parts) Khalid Yasin 0.11
2 Christ In Islam (2 parts) Ahmed Deedat 5.28
3 The Message of Jesus Bilal Philips 0.36
4 The True Religion of God (2 parts) Bilal Philips 0.51
5 The Ultimate Miracle Ahmed Deedat 0.70
6 Islam: The Future of Mankind Yusuf Islam 4.8
7 The Divinity of Jesus Gary Miller 0.14
8 Why Should You Be a Muslim Dawood Adib 0.25
9 Welcome to the Quran Gateway to Faith Yusuf Islam 0.35
10 Questions and Answers on Islamic Creed - 0.15
11 Jesus Message,  QA  - 2.7